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Great example of early '60s publicity card

First line-up 1962-64.  L-R: Jack (Neil) Tolland, rhythm guitar & vocals; John Miller bass & vocals; Alan Lorimer drum; Geoff Byrne lead guitar.

From Barrhead near Paisley, the Original Corvettes did cover versions of the hits of the day
and got paid very litte for their efforts according to John Miller.

Several recordings made by the band can be found here on YouTube

l-r: Joyce Rayburn vocals; John Miller bass; Jack Tolland rhythm; Geoff Byrne lead; Ian Small drums; Archie Harvey vocals.
This line-up experimented with vocalists but egos became a big problem and it didn't last long.

A later line-up l-r: Ian Scotland rhythm; John Miller bass; Gordon Wylie drums; Harrie Norrie vocals; Geoff Byrne lead.

A couple of cuttings from the Daily Record of 8th April 1964 about the area heat for the Macbeat competition.
The Original Corvettes progressed to the area final which was won by the Mavericks.
The overall competition was eventually won by The Apaches as documented elsewhere on Rockingscots.

The group more or less finished in 1966.  Cover bands were struggling against the new phenomenon of discotheques.

Alan, Geoff, Jack & John in 2010.

Alan is in Australia, Jack is a hotelier in The Borders, Geoff is still playing down south, and John went from bass guitar to DJing
and occasionally will do a set at Kelburne Cricket Club Paisley..

John relates: I started spinning discs at various venues with my home built twin SP25 MkII turntable box Vortexion 50/70 solid state amp with 100V line output
powering home built column speakers with sound controlled coloured spots built in. The sound to light electronics were designed and built at Paisley Tech
with Thyristors from Westinghouse (they never knew!) and a motorised oil wheel built into my Dad's Aldis Lamp slide projector.
Our stuff was on a par with a company starting out called Lee Lighting who are now mega.  
That lasted until I could not stand having to play Slade and the like plus the pressure from an engineering business that I and others had started
in Barrhead (1971 till 2005) called PLADE.  The good news is that I still have the best disco records of the late 60s which are collectors items now thanks to Ebay.