Rockingscots:dedicated to Scottish beat groups and rock bands from the '60s and early '70s - since the late '90s!

All of these are well worth finding, reading and keeping.

Peter Innes - 'Fit like New York? (An irreverent history of rock music in Aberdeen and North East Scotland' 
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Jim Wilkie - 'Blue Suede Brogans' 
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 Brian Hogg - 'The History of Scottish Rock & Pop'  See also his Record Collector articles.
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Impossible to decide if one is better than the other between the Wilkie and Hogg books.
Both are just absolutely essential.

Martin Kielty - Big Noise (The Sound of Scotland) - the newcomer - Hmmm didn't get given this for Xmas 2006!!
see: http://www.bignoisebook.com/