The Hard Rock and Standing Stones of Aberdeenshire..
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                        Aberdeen Airport                      Broomend of Critchie                       Culsh Souterrain                Drimmie/Balquain/Inverurie

                                          Ardlair                                                  Aboyne/Image Wood                                                 Arnhill Ruthven

                       Backhill of Drachlaw                                    Brandsbutt/Kemnay/Dyce/Picardy                                   Cothiemuir Wood

 Cullerlie                                                          East Aquorthies                                                           Glassel

                                                  Kintore Stone                                 Maiden Stone                                   Old Rayne                                    

                            Kirkton of Bourtie                                            Loanhead of Daviot                                                     Midmar Kirk

                                  Old Keig                                                            Mains of Hatton                                                      Rothiemay

                                South Ythsie                                                           Stonehead                                                              Sunhoney

                                Tomnagorn                                                           Tomnaverie                                                     Whitehill Tillyfourie