The Hard Rock and Standing Stones of SW Scotland
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                                             Cauldside Burn
All pics 10.04.09
                                                              View south-ish from the mire to the cairn and Cairnharrow Hill  

                                                        View from top of the the cairn over the ruined circle to Cairnharrow Hill.

                                                                        Close up of remaining arc of the circle from top of the cairn

                                                                                                 View from the west-ish





                                                View from the circle over the cairn and the mire beyond it to the slopes of Cambret Hill

                        The view north-ish to Cambret Hill as it is now.                                                          What the builder saw

                                                                                  Fallen outlier to the north beyond the cairn

                                                                          Lone standing stone between Claughreid and Cauldside