Hard Rock and Standing Stones
                                                                                    All images 'Extreme Stonefeelers' 2009.
                                         Rome Monuments
                                                                                                 all pics  27.10.04

                                          Trajan's Column   

Trajan's Forum & other Fori






                                        Arch of Constantine



                                The Palatine Hill buildings

Circus Maximus

                                            Baths of Caracalla

Arch of Titus


                                                Via Sacra
                                              View from the base of the Palatine/Ach of Titus to the Capitoline/Archof Severus




Site of the Tarpaeian Rock - at the back of the modern Capitoline.


                                                             View from the Capitoline to the Arch of Titus/base of the Palatine
                                               Arch of Severus



                                        Column of Aurelius


                                             The Pantheon

                                     Mausoleum of Augustus 

                                       Theatre of Marcellus

                        The Capitoline Hill Staircase and Piazza
                                                                           (well a few bits of it and its renaissance era stuff )  



                                                                            (Replica - original is inside the museum)

                                                        Random Roman Rocks

         Wall of Aurelian - Section by the 1574 Porta San Giovanni