Hard Rock & Standing Stones of SW Scotland

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Slew Cairn
All pics 2.4.10

The view south back down the track

The view from the track east to the Long Cairn
No longer in the forest - but still not visible without binocs!

Zoom shot but still hard to ID the cairns among the old tree stumps
Long Cairn runs right-left along the centre-line

Long Cairn from north-south from the adjacent overgrown cairn

View from east over the central area
to the cairns at the north-west

The portal stones looking north

The portal stones looking south

The southern end of Long Cairn

Adjacent overgrown cairn

Proceed with great caution after crossing the boundary fence.
terrain there is a mass of felled tree branches, stumps, roots,
ruts, ditches, holes and quagmire all trying to snare the unwary stone-feeler.