The Hard Rock and Standing Stones of Brittany

All images © 'Extreme Stonefeelers' 2009-2010.
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All images 7th, 8th, 9th Dec 2010 

                Menec Alignments                 Carnac Museum                      Crucuny                      Kerlescan Alignments

                             Cosquer Dolmen                   Crocuno Dolmen & Cromlech                     El-Grah Mound

                       Kerbourgnec Cromlech                       Kercadoret Dolmen                        Kergavat Dolmen

         Kerioned Passage Grave             Kerzerho Giants         Kluhir Menhir & Dolmen      Le Vieux Moulin  row

                      Kerkado Tumulus                             Keriaval Dolmens                     Kermario Dolmen & Menhirs

                  Kerlescan Others                      Kermario Rows    Bronzo Menhir                  Menoc Cromlech

                            Kerran Dolmen                                   Kerroch Dolmen                              Kerzerho Rows

                       Le Grand Menhir Brise                    Le Table des Archands                            Les Pierres Plats

        Manio Menhir & Cromlech       St Barbe Alignments        St Pierre Quiberron Rows              Toul Chignan

                               Mane Croch                                        Mane er Hroek                                    Mane Lud

                            Mane Rutuel                                 Petit Menec Alignments              Kervehennec ruined Dolmen

                         Kerlud Dolmen                         Rondossec Passage Graves                        Roh an Aod  Dolmen