The Hard Rock and Standing Stones
                                                                           at Lands End, Cornwall
                                                                                                                    All images © 'Extreme Stonefeelers' 2009. 
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                                Men-an-Tol                                                  Lanyon Quoit                                   Nine Maidens Stone Row 

                                                          Tregeseal                                                                       The Merry Maidens

                                 Chun Quoit                                           Lands End  (Modern)                                  Bosullow Quoit  (Modern)

                                     Men Gurta                               Men Scryfa                         
The Pipers                      Boscawen-Un                           

                                                  Crosses                                     Boskednan Circle                            Wendron (ruined circle)

                             Carn Gluze Barrow                                       Carn Brae Settlement                                       Carn Euny Village