The Hard Rock & Standing Stones of Cumbria
     All images © 'Extreme Stonefeelers' 2009.
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Long Meg and her Daughters        
          Mayburgh Henge & 
                                                                                                                            King Arthur's Round Table

                             Gamelands                                                         Little Meg                                                             Shap  

                         Birkrigg Common                                                   Swinside                                          The Larca Circles

                     Grey Croft (Sellafield)                                          Blakeley Raise                                                      Elva Plain 

                            Castlerigg                                                             Glassonby                                            The Oddendale Circles 

                     Leacet Hill  Circles                                 Broomrigg Plantation (overgrown)                                    Gunnerkeld