The Hard Rock & Standing Stones of Dartmoor
                                                                                          All images © 'Extreme Stonefeelers' 2009.
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                                     Belstane Moor                                         Brisworthy                                   Down Tor Row and Circle  

                            Marton Down I & II                                        Fernworthy                                   Grey Weathers (twin circles)

                                                                Drizzlecombe Complex                Shovel Down Complex                 

                                  Grimspound Village                                      Hart Tor                                              Langstane Moor 

                    Yellowmead (concentric circles)                     Merrivale Complex                               Ringmoor Down Complex

                                       Scorhill                                                     Sherberton                                        Soussons Common

                                  Spinsters Rock                                  Trowlesworthy Complex              White Moor Down (Circle & Outlier) 

                                                                                          Buttern Hill (ruined circle)

                                                                         Easton (modern circle) - no other images available